It’s true. All of it.

In the age of digitalisation our behaviour of how we find new information changes. Nowadays, when it comes to information gathering, none of us buy newspapers anymore .

Who needs newspapers when we have access to the World Wide Web? Exactly, no one!

FakeNews newspaper

Newspapers are a dying breed in a time where serious, factual journalism has never been more important. “Fake news” is the watchword of the moment. The paroles of European populist parties and lately, the President of the USA, are blaming the media of publishing nothing but lies. We, as rational citizens, are aware of the empty accusations and rely on the credibility of public-service broadcasters. But do we actually make use of them?

  • Who of us are scanning the electronic version of long-established newspapers every day?
  • When was the last time you read an article in its entirety?
  • Who would consider subscribing to a newspaper in the light of the online world we live in?

Social Media offers a much faster solution of updating our knowledge of politics and current events. We scan dozens of videos and headings every day as soon as we refresh our Facebook newsfeed. What we don’t take into consideration is that social media only presents us news that we are interested in, according to our data. The knowledge we acquire through Facebook, Instagram & Co.  is social media taking overtherefore highly limited. Moreover, we don’t know

  • where certain information originally comes from
  • who shared it
  • how many peopled modified it and
  • if it’s actually true

It is not shameful to gain information online but it is important to compare the said information to reliable sources that produce serious journalism. It is the debate that counts in a democratic system. If we want to counter populists’ “empty talk”, we need to have a differentiated perspective that undermines their black-and-white way of thinking.


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